Resenting the Hero by Moira J. Moore (The Heroes Series Book#1) Book Review

Series: The Heroes Series Book 1
Author:Moira J. Moore
Publisher: Ace Books (March 2006)
ISBN: 9780441013883
Page Count: 292 pages
Format: paperback

Target Age Group: adult
My Rating:

Resenting the Hero Moira J Moore Book Synopsis:

In a world where natural disasters have the power to destroy all life, only the magical abilities of bonded Pairs – Source and Shield – can keep the people safe.  Those detected with these abilities are removed from their families as young children and trained in special facilities. Sources are trained to use their abilities to tame the elements and funnel the threat or negate it entirely. They have a reputation of being reckless, irresponsible and spoiled. Shields are trained to use their abilities to protect the Sources while they are channeling. They are sober, responsible people who are trained to deal with difficult personalities (i.e. their Sources). Any Shield can protect any Source, but those who are bonded have stronger abilities and can intuitively support each other. Every Shield dreams of the day when they will be paired with a Source. Now it is Dunleavy “Lee” Mallorough’s turn.

Lee has been looking forward to her day of bonding since she was a little girl. She prays for someone older, someone sensible and reserved. Instead, Lee gets paired with Lord Shintaro Karish, known as the Stallion of the Triple S. Karish is not what Lee wanted, but she is determined to make the best of it – even though she sees Karish as shallow, fickle, promiscuous, too handsome for his own good – and an aristocrat to boot! Still, bonding is for life and you cannot choose who you are bonded to so Lee puts her best Shield face forward and travels to their first assignment in High Scape.

Lee quickly learns that the personality differences between Karish and herself are the least of her problems. Something that is not at all like a normal disaster is attacking the pairs of High Scape. The Shields cannot hold their mental walls against it and, without their protection, the Sources are dying. And, when a Source dies, their bonded Shield dies too. Lee & Karish are able to withstand the first attack, but now they are left as the sole functioning Pair to protect all of High Scape. Who is attacking the Pairs and why? Before Lee & Karish can investigate, Karish disappears. Was he kidnapped? Did he return home to his Dukedom? Is he off on some crazy new adventure? And, more importantly, should Lee trust the professionals to find him or start looking herself?

The Heroes Series Update:

I think that anyone who likes fantasy would enjoy this lighthearted, funny start to a new series.  Written in third person with Lee as the narrator, the world unfolds into a familiar and well-known place without the author having to waste a lot of space on background and explanations. By creating a world relatively similar to the classic medieval fantasy worlds with a fresh new twist, Moira J. Moore was able to throw the reader directly into the action without creating long descriptions or asides.

Resenting the Hero Moira J Moore Book Review:

This was a thoroughly enjoyable fantasy. Lee & Karish were very well developed characters who are both convinced that the other person in the partnership is the one who should change. This creates several humorous situations as they are complete opposites in every way. Lee is very practical and modest and Karish is a flamboyant, popular, handsome playboy. I appreciate that the author was able to make both characters likable and balanced. I think that most of us have a little bit of both characters in us so I really felt that I could empathize and understand both of them. Moira J. Moore also does a good job with supporting characters.  There are several people we meet for only a brief moment, but the author was able to capture their personalities and appearances in just a few words so I felt like I knew them.

I was very impressed that the author was able to come up with a unique premise, too. I read a lot of fantasy books so it is not a new idea that the heroes control the weather, but the way that it is controlled is a fresh, new take. I also loved that she put pairs together – some are male & male, some are female & female and some male & female. Some become romantically involved, though this is frowned on, and they come from all walks of life. As you have no control over who you are bonded with, some pairs are a lot more effective than others. These partnerships provide a wealth of material for Moira J. Moore to continue the series . With plenty of plot turns and little surprises around every corner, this book is recommended to anyone who enjoys a well-written fantasy book. Guys – don’t let the fact that this is billed as a romantic fantasy turn you off to this book. There are only the vaguest hints of romance between the two main characters (though I hope that the author will continue to develop this plot line) and the story is entertaining enough and fast-paced enough to make you forget that you are reading about a heroine instead of a hero.

Resenting the Hero Moira J Moore Book Content:

A refreshingly clean fantasy book. Only the vaguest of comments about sexual relationships (mostly in relation to Karish’s formidable reputation on that subject) and light flirtations. There are a few fighting sequences and some descriptions of people who suffered after being imprisoned. Be on the lookout for snarky comments, sarcastic thoughts, strong-willed women and handsome heroes.  Recommended for ages 12 and up.

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