Life is Like a Beach

Life is Like a BeachI’m what most would charitably call a late bloomer. And by late I mean I didn’t gain a sense of self until I was away at college for several years. When I returned home, family and friends claimed that my new lifestyle and attitude wasn’t truly me. But they were the ones who didn’t understand. I was faking it my whole life. It was easier and safer to be the girl everyone thought I was, but I wasn’t happy.

So who am? At heart, I am an explorer, an adventurer, a maximizer, a doer with my own attitude and way of seeing the world. Essentially, I am much more than I allowed myself to be for the first 20 years of my life! The new me is the real me, even though I struggled a bit with the transition. In my 20s, I was all about exploring, creativity and diving headfirst into a life I loved. Sadly, my 30s have been a bit of a soul-sucking experience. I lost a bit of my mojo, but I retained some of my fearlessness and a strong sense of adventure. Luckily, I still love to explore and create magical memories. Now it is time to move on with my life and move into loving myself – and my life! – again.

I will soon enter my 40s and am ready for a change. I mourned what I “lost” for a long time. I couldn’t get past the twists and turns that my life had made until I realized my life is like a beach. Sometimes storms rage and huge swaths of beach sand are lost in a single night. Other times the ocean laps placidly at the shoreline and leaves the sand where it is. Every day, the waves batter against the sand and successfully manage to suck up some sand and return it to the sea, never to be seen again. And every day the waves pull sand from distant locations and add it to our beach.

I can spend all of my time missing the grains of sand that were lost or embrace the new sand that the ocean deposited on my beach. Though the sand on my beach changes daily, sometimes in radical ways and other times with tiny differences, I choose how I deal with the changes and find ways incorporate them into my life.

I choose to throw myself wholeheartedly into life. I experience life to the fullest – and I want you to do that, too! When I travel, I go see it all, do it all and experience everything that location has to offer. I come home more tired than when I left on vacation, but I always get my money’s worth! I devour books and always enjoy a new adventure on paper. I love watching Movies and TV shows – it’s nice to live vicariously through someone else’s imagination for a while! – but that doesn’t mean that I am fully focused on what I am watching (unless I am in a movie theater). Instead, I play computer games, catch up on emails, and even squeeze in a little bit of stretching and exercise.

Sound tiring? It isn’t. It makes me who I am and lets me feel that I am getting the maximum out of every day.

Maxed Out Living is all about living a life that is fully engaged, empowering, enlightening and enjoyable. Make a commitment to yourself that this is going to be the best year ever! Now, what do you need to do to make that happen?

Plan the vacation you deserve and want. Find stories in books and movies that entertain and inspire (and make them come alive!). Play hard over the holidays (but don’t lose your sanity!). Plan memorable parties without breaking the bank. Make your Disney dreams come true.

Are you ready to spend every day fully engaged in living your own life? I’m ready to show you how to max out your time on this earth, choose to be happy and live without regrets. Come change and grow with us as we explore all that life has to offer at different ages, places and aspects of our life!

– Debbie

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