Moira J. Moore’s The Heroes Series in Order

The Heroes Series in Order

The Heroes Series – Background:

In a world where natural disasters have the power to destroy all life, only the magical abilities of bonded Pairs – Source and Shield – can keep the people safe.  Those detected with these abilities are removed from their families as young children and trained in special facilities. Sources are trained to use their abilities to tame the elements and funnel the threat or negate it entirely. They have a reputation of being reckless, irresponsible and spoiled. Shields are trained to use their abilities to protect the Sources while they are channeling. They are sober, responsible people who are trained to deal with difficult personalities (i.e. their Sources). Any Shield can protect any Source, but those who are bonded have stronger abilities and can intuitively support each other. Every Shield dreams of the day when they will be paired with a Source. Now it is Dunleavy “Lee” Mallorough’s turn.

Lee has been looking forward to her day of bonding since she was a little girl. She prays for someone older, someone sensible and reserved. Instead, Lee gets paired with Lord Shintaro Karish, known as the Stallion of the Triple S. Karish is not what Lee wanted, but she is determined to make the best of it – even though she sees Karish as shallow, fickle, promiscuous, too handsome for his own good – and an aristocrat to boot! Still, bonding is for life and you cannot choose who you are bonded to so Lee puts her best Shield face forward and travels to their assignment.

The Heroes Series – General Information:

All of the books in The Heroes Series are paranormal romance books.   However, the romance is subtle and I would characterize them more as fantasy books that will appeal to both male and female readers.

Moira J. Moore’s The Heroes Series should definitely be read in order.  The author does spend some time (usually too much time, to be honest) recapping what has occurred in previous books.  The plots get pretty convoluted by the later books in the series so this is problematic for faithful readers of the series, but a must read for new fans.

The author, Moria J. Moore, provides several free short stories on her website, which I think is a nice touch, especially since she could be selling these for a few dollars each on

The Heroes Series in Order:

Resenting the Hero by Moira J. Moore1 – Resenting the Hero – After Lee and Karish are mismatched when they are paired up as Source and Shield, Lee quickly learns that the personality differences between Karish and herself are the least of her problems. Something that is not at all like a normal disaster is attacking the pairs of High Scape. The Shields cannot hold their mental walls against it and, without their protection, the Sources are dying. And, when a Source dies, their bonded Shield dies too.


The Hero Strikes Back2 – The Hero Strikes Back




Heroes Adrift by Moira J Moore3 – Heroes Adrift




Heroes at Risk by Moira J Moore4 – Heroes at Risk




Heroes Return by Moira J Moore5 – Heroes Return




Heroes at Odds by Moira J Moore6 – Heroes at Odds




Heroes' Reward by Moira J Moore7 – Heroes’ Reward

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