I choose to throw myself wholeheartedly into life.  Maxed Out Living is all about living a life that is fully engaged, empowering, enlightening and enjoyable.  I encourage everyone to experience life to the fullest.  When I travel, I want to see it all, do it all and experience everything that location has to offer.  If I don’t come home more tired than when I went out, I didn’t get my money’s worth!  Books are devoured in thirsty gulps and there are always new adventures on paper to explore.  Movies and TV shows allow me to enjoy someone else’s imagination and view of the universe.  But that doesn’t mean that I am fully focused on what I am watching (unless I am in a movie theater).  Instead, I use this time to play games, catch up on emails, and even squeeze in a little bit of stretching and exercise.  Sound tiring?  It isn’t.  It makes me who I am and lets me feel that I am getting the maximum out of every day.

Are you ready to spend every day fully engaged in living your own life?  I’m ready to show you how to max out your time on this earth, choose to be happy and live without regrets.  Come change and grow with us as we explore all that life has to offer at different ages, places and aspects of our life!